Superior Technology
Agent Websites
Receive a free customizable, mobile-optimized website with home search and lead capture! Your website should be designed to generate more business for you. We will provide you with a website that will help you grow your business.
Fathom Realty agent websites
Fathom Realty lead manager
Lead Manager
Driving traffic to your site is pointless without a solid lead management system to help convert the leads you generate. We provide an advanced lead management system with visitor tracking, property e-alerts and more!
Our transaction management platform allows our agents to quickly and easily manage their contracts and submit their docs for funding. No more faxing your contracts in to the broker and hoping everything is received and processed on time.
Fathom Realty Transaction Management
Fathom Realty Testimonials
Testimonials are a key to building a successful business. Our system allows you to collect and promote your customer’s testimonials to the search engines, social media spaces, and to the review sites of your choice. Best of all, they are 3rd party verified!
Social Media
Engage your online audience through professional posting. We've partnered with Go Social Agent to provide real estate posts for your social media pages, free for a year. Posts are designed not only to engage & educate your followers, but also to stand out visually to help you get noticed!
Fathom Realty Social Media
Fathom Realty Training on Demand
Training On-Demand
Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned real estate professional, continued training is vital to your growth and success. If you’re like most agents, you’re probably too busy to attend training in a corporate office. Watch our training videos on your schedule. We have training for all levels of experience.

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