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Fathom is the fastest growing real estate brand in America!
(Inc. 500: 2013, 2014, 2015)

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Learn how you can own a piece of the future!

Fathom is owned by our agents

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With Fathom's technology, I spend more
time with my clients and family, and less
time behind the computer.


Fathom Realty is owned by our agents. Our agents have helped us grow and become profitable so we believe our agents should share in our combined success. This also helps ensure our core values and guiding principles are aligned with our agents.





Agent Savings

ON INC.500

What Makes Fathom Different?

100% Commission

100% Commission

We provide our agents the best commission plans in the industry! Agents typically save 40% over their previous splits.

Best Technology

Best Technology

We provide superior technology with a focus on generating and converting buyers and sellers into clients.

Effective Training

Effective Training

We provide agents with extensive local training, video on demand, as well as mentoring for new agents.

Awesome Support

Awesome Support

With Fathom, you don’t have to give up anything to receive the support you need to have a fulfilling and successful career.

Try out our nifty commissions calculator to see how much money you will save!


“Our mission is to transform the real estate industry by helping others come to understand that whoever aspires to be great must lead by serving others.” – Josh Harley, CEO

About Fathom Realty

Who is Fathom?

Fathom Realty represents the future of the real estate brokerage. Have you ever seen that commercial that says, “happy cows make the best cheese”? We embrace that philosophy and believe that happy cows also make the best real estate agents… err, wait, that’s not what I meant. Our philosophy is that happy real estate agents provide the best service and give the most back to their clients.

Realtors and brokers with Fathom Realty are provided with the best support, technology, resources and training available while receiving 100% commission on their real estate closings. Our agents can be sure they will have the tools and training necessary to help their clients buy or sell real estate while providing the smoothest transaction possible. We also provide our agents with the best compensation plan in the industry! Why is that important? It follows the same philosophy that happy agents make the best agents. By giving more to our agents, we believe they will have more available to invest back into their lives and their business. It’s no wonder Fathom Realty was ranked on the Inc.500 as one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the nation.

Mission Statement

To transform the real estate industry by helping others come to understand that whoever aspires to be great must lead by serving others.

What’s in a Name?

The word Fathom means, ‘to come to understand’. The goal of Fathom Realty is to empower agents and work together to make a radically positive impact on our industry and the communities we serve. Our mission statement embraces the Biblical principle of servant leadership, highlights our deep desire for transformation and calls us to a higher ideal in serving others.

“None of the companies I’ve worked for can compare with the value I receive at Fathom Realty. I have never had so many tools to use for my business. The support and company environment have been a positive force in the growth of my Real Estate Business.”
-Stephen P., Real Estate Broker

Superior Technology

  • Agent Websites

Receive a free customizable, mobile-optimized website with home search and lead capture! Your website should be designed to generate more business for you. We will provide you with a website that will help you grow your business.

  • Lead Manager

Driving traffic to your site is pointless without a solid lead management system to help convert the leads you generate. We provide an advanced lead management system with visitor tracking, property e-alerts and more!

  • Transactions

Our transaction management platform allows our agents to quickly and easily manage their contracts and submit their docs for funding. No more faxing your contracts in to the broker and hoping everything is received and processed on time.

  • Testimonials

Testimonials are a key to building a successful business. Our system allows you to collect and promote your customer’s testimonials to the search engines, social media spaces, and to the review sites of your choice. Best of all, they are 3rd party verified!

  • Sign Capture

Your yard signs should be capturing buyer leads and our capture system is the best in the industry! No more using riders with different codes on every sign. Our solution even includes integrated GPS for buyers using their smart phone. Best of all, our sign capture system turns your competitor’s signs into your signs!

  • Training

Whether you’re a new agent or a seasoned real estate professional, continued training is vital to your growth and success. If you’re like most agents, you’re probably too busy to attend training in a corporate office. Watch our training videos on your schedule. We have training for all levels of experience.

Are you ready to get more from your broker?

“With Fathom, I get to keep my commissions and still have marketing and branding that I am proud to display. I don’t feel like I have sacrificed anything, I have only gained many extra benefits.”
-Sara V., Realtor

Effective Training

Training On Demand

  • Real estate training videos on demand and on your schedule
  • 24/7 access to beginner, intermediate and advanced training
  • Over 150 courses available online

Local Real Estate Training

  • Ongoing, relevant, in-person real estate training
  • Taught by industry experts
  • Never mandatory, always valuable
  • Topics include marketing, contracts, social media, and more

New Agent Mentoring
Learn F.A.S.T! Fathom’s Agent Success Training is a dedicated Mentorship Program designed to help you achieve success in your first year. Our Mentors focus on a one-on-one, hands-on, in-the-field approach to training. They will teach you the strategies you will need to ensure a successful career in real estate.

Agent Coaching
For agents with more experience under their belt, Fathom offers a specialized coaching program to help catapult your business to the next level. You will receive one-on-one coaching with an emphasis marketing, referrals, building your business and more. There is a reason why Fathom agents outproduce the industry average.


Are you ready to get more from your broker?

“My sales and earnings have nearly doubled due to Fathom’s awesome 100% commission compensation plans and their advanced technology to operate my business. It helps that the leadership team truly cares and nurtures my success.”
-Nick G., Realtor

Our Commission Plans

Silver Plan


Per Month
  • 15% per Sale
  • $75 per Lease
  • Best plan for agents closing less than 3 deals per year!
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Gold Plan Most Popular!


Per Month
  • $350 per Sale
  • $75 per Lease
  • Best plan for agents closing between 3 and 12 deals!
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Platinum Plan


Per Month
  • $95 per Sale
  • $75 per Lease
  • Best plan for agents and teams closing 13+ deals!
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All This Plus...

  • E&O is included!
  • No franchise fees!
  • No desk fees!
  • No tech fees!
  • No hidden fees!

Gold Teams

  • Team Leader $99/mth
  • Team Members $99/mth
  • Set your team splits!
  • $350 per Sale to Fathom
  • $75 per Lease to Fathom

Platinum Teams

  • Team Leader $350/mth
  • Team Members $99/mth
  • Set your team splits!
  • $95 per Sale to Fathom
  • $75 per Lease to Fathom

How does your commission compare?

Fathom Realty = $118,100 *
98.4% of Your Commission
Typical Franchise = $84,000 **
70% of Your Commission
The result = $34,100 more income with Fathom
41% Increase

*Fathom’s commissions calculated after the Platinum plan’s $95 fee.
**Typical Franchise commission calculated after 3o% split.
Note: Income based on 20 closings with an average sales price of $200,000.

Try out our nifty commissions calculator to see how much money you will save!


Are you ready to get more from your broker?

At Fathom Realty, we understand that every agent’s needs are different and one size does not fit all. Our 100% commission plans were created to ensure the highest level of support, technology and training are available to our agents while still providing the industry’s best commission plans. Get more, keep more!

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“Whoever wants to be great must become a servant.” Matthew 20:26

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