Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. We have two plans available to our agents but only one has a monthly fee associated with it. The Platinum Plan is $300 per month with a $99 transaction fee. The Gold Plan has no monthly fees and has a $450 transaction fee. Both plans include all of the tools, technology and training that we offer as a company.
Yes. The transaction fee on the Platinum Plan is $99 for a residential sale and $85 for a residential lease. The transaction fee on the Gold Plan is $450 for a residential sale and $85 for a residential lease. For commercial transactions, there is a 90/10 split.
Yes. You will have complete access to your broker, seven days a week. We play an active role in our agents success and encourage our agents to contact us with questions, big or small. Not only do you have access to the broker any time you need, we also have a agent services department in place to ensure we always have someone to answer your questions so you do not have to wait for an answer.
Yes. We offer over 400 online real estate training videos for new and experienced agents. We also offer local and webinar-based training several times per month. For agents looking for more personalized training, we offer one-on-one coaching and mentorship programs.
Yes. We offer the flexibility to establish your own team within Fathom Realty. You may set your own commission splits with your team members. Fathom’s model is the best model for building a team because you keep more of your commission and that of your team members. Best of all, your team members pay no monthly fees and yet share in your plan’s transaction fee. If you are on the Platinum plan and only paying $99 per transaction, your agents will also only pay $99 per transaction outside of your team split.
Yes. We encourage our agents to set their own commission rates with their clients. Today’s real estate environment can be very competitive and our agents need the ability to be flexible.
Yes! We offer a specialized mentorship program for new agents where we teach you the ropes to being a successful real estate agent. We cover the basics, to include writing contracts, all the way up to more advanced training on how to convert your leads into closings.
Sale- A commission disbursement authorization (CDA) form will be sent to the title company or closing attorney detailing how commissions are to be disbursed. In title states (e.g., TX and CA), you will receive a check after funding directly from the title company. In attorney states (e.g., NC), the full commission check will be sent to the broker and your check will be cut to you from the broker. There are some closing attorneys who will allow table funding and pay our agents at closing but those are on a case by case basis.

Lease- Due to the nature of leases, the full lease commission will be paid to Fathom Realty after which your commission check will be cut to you.

We do have an annual fee or $500 due on the first transaction after your anniversary of each year which is clearly stated on all pages that talk about our plans. There is also a one-time activation fee of $99 when you first join. There are no hidden or franchise fees. The E&O is covered in the transaction fee and more importantly, our agents are NOT responsible for paying the E&O deductible.
That question is hard to answer since so many brokerages offer different splits. If you join Fathom Realty and you close on a $200,000 home and the commission is $6,000 then your take home on that closing will be $5,650 on our Gold plan (total commission minus the $350 transaction fee) or if you are on the Platinum Plan, you will receive the full commission minus the $95 transaction fee.
For example purposes only, if your current brokerage split is 70/30 then you will have earned an extra $1,450 commission per closing with Fathom Realty. If you close 12 similar deals in a year, then you will have saved an extra $17,400 in commissions by avoiding the 30% brokerage split. Let’s look at it another way. With your current brokerage, you would have earned $50,400 after paying $21,600 in broker splits. With Fathom Realty, you will have earned $67,800 after paying only $4,200 in transaction fees. Do you need any other reason to join Fathom today?
Yes, we do provide a lead program for agents. It is an opt-in program in which our agents pay up front for the lead generation and keep 100% of the commission on lead closings, minus the normal transaction fee for closings. There is a maximum number of agents allowed in this leads program because there are only a set number of leads we can generate in each market.
Yes. Any lead or client you enter into the lead system belongs to you and that information will never be shared with any other agent. Even if you choose to leave Fathom, you will be able to take your database with you.
You can find business cards, postcards, flyers, listing and buyer presentations, folders and more in our online Agent Resource Center. If there is any kind of marketing material missing that you would like to see, we will be happy to have it custom created for you. It’s our goal to support your marketing efforts with the best material and resources available.
We provide our agents with the ability to download our sign templates from our online knowledge base to provide to any sign company of your choice. You may also lease a Fathom Realty For Sale sign for $25. Not all areas keep signs available for lease.
No. This is how we keep our overhead costs low and provide our 100% commission plan. We do maintain offices in markets that require ‘bricks and mortar’. Some of our agents use a portion of the money they save on our commission plans to lease their own office spaces but the vast majority of our agents work from home.
How many clients actually want to drive out to a real estate office to meet? It’s usually out of their way and costs them time and gas money. In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s nice to be able to meet clients near their area of search. Many of our agents meet their clients at a local coffee shop with free WIFI Internet access (e.g., Starbucks and Einstein Bagels). If a quiet, professional office is needed, almost all title companies and mortgage companies will let you use a spare office or conference room to meet your client.
No. We hate meetings just as much as you do. We do host training and social events to build community. If we need to share anything with you then we will email you the information, post it on our Mastermind’s group pages, and hold online webinars.
You can work full time or part time. We do not have sales quotas outside of our agents closing a minimum of 1 transaction per year to remain with Fathom.
The short answer is, Yes. The long answer is, Yes we are. 🙂
It typically takes two business days for everything to be submitted and get you onboard with Fathom.
Please call us or contact us using our online form here and we will contact you quickly. we will provide you with the paperwork you will need to get started and walk you through the process.

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