We hate hidden fees as much as you do.

So here you go.

We recognize that not all agents are the same. This is why our fee schedule is à la cart. You only pay for what you use.

Monthly Fees

Short answer: nothing. Longer answer: Fathom agents do not pay any monthly fees.

Residential Transactions

Agents pay $450 for their first 12 transactions. This adds up to a $5400 annual CAP. After the CAP, they pay $99 per transaction.

Annual Fee
Agents pay a $500 annual fee. This fee is due on the agent's first transaction of each anniversary year.
Initial Activation

Agents pay an initial activation fee of $99 when they join. As part of activation, agent will receive 500 business cards, two name tags, and a Fathom polo shirt.

Incoming Referrals

Agents pay a $95 fee on all incoming non-Fathom referral commission. This is commission you receive from a non-Fathom agent when you refer to them a client. Referral fees do not apply toward the annual CAP. Agents do not have to pay a referral fee on referrals to other Fathom agents.

Representing Both Side of a Transaction

Agents who represent both parties to a single real estate transaction in a dual agency scenario pay an additional $200 Risk Management Fee in addition to the transaction fee due on each side. This includes a husband and wife who are each representing a different side in the same transaction.

Selling Personal Real Estate

Agents pay a risk management fee of $350 when selling personal real estate property where the agent represents him/herself. This includes all real estate property(ies) where an agent has potential personal financial gain. Agents are not permitted to represent both sides of a transaction when selling personal real estate property. Fathom encourages agents to hire another Fathom agent to handled the listing of their property to promote compliance and added protection from possible lawsuits.

High Value Properties 

For all transactions that have a final sale price over $1.0 million, agents pay an additional $100 Risk Management Fee per $100,000 price increment over $1.0 million (e.g., the transaction fee on a $1.4M property will be $850).

Commercial Transactions

Fathom agents who are allowed to participate in commercial transactions pay a transaction fee of 10% of the commission amount earned per transaction on all funded commercial transactions, to include commercial sales and leases. The minimum split is $500.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

Agents pay a fee of $10 on all BPOs. BPOs do not apply toward the annual CAP.

If agents incur any miscellaneous fees that are not listed above or fees related to a transaction (e.g. misc. bank fees, wire transfer fees, MLS fees, etc.), those are the responsibility of the agent.

NOTE: We may update these fees from time to time.  To request the latest information on Fathom's fees, call 888-455-6040.

Like, you, we don't like surprises. At least not those kind.