Free Resource

At Fathom, we are committed to helping agents achieve success in their business. We hope these free business resources can help you do just that.

Online Brand Audit Guide

Use this Online Brand Audit guide to help you assess and create an action plan for your online brand.

99 Refresh Worksheet

99 areas of your business to refresh, restart, or reimagine.

Agent Systems Checklist

Use this checklist to identify the core functions your business should focus on for your next chapter of growth.

Virtual Meeting Guide

This PDF and video guide will help you look your best during your virtual meetings with clients and colleagues.

Covid-19 Realtor® Guide

Ways to manage and even potentially grow your business during these challenging times. Written by Josh Harley

Agent Business Planner

Help you identify actions you must take now to reach your annual income goal.

10 Steps To 6 Figures

"We hope this audio book helps you take a fresh look at your business and put into place a solid action plan to increase your income." - Josh Harley