About Fathom Realty





"Fathom Realty is a national, cloud-based, full-service real estate brokerage powered by its technology platform. Fathom is dedicated to serving agents by providing the industry’s best technology, effective training, and the highest level of support. Agents enjoy a higher net income through Fathom’s flat-fee based commission splits allowing them to invest more money into growing their business. Fathom agents also earn stock grants based on their contribution to revenue and company growth."

- Josh Harley, CEO

Who is Fathom

Fathom Realty represents the future of the real estate brokerage.

How? Fathom is a cloud-based, technology-driven, full-service real estate brokerage providing our agents with the industry's best commission splits ... all without compromising on providing the effective training and the highest level of support our agents deserve. 

Our agents keep more of their hard-earned commission and therefore are able to reinvest more money back into their marketing and serving their clients. It's no wonder our agents are some of the highest producing agents in the industry.

It’s no wonder Fathom Realty was ranked on the Inc.500 as one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the nation.


How we're Different

1. True servant-leadership!
2. Support, support, support!
3. 100% commission with a small flat fee!
4. Cloud-based & technology-driven!
5. Agents receive company stock!
6. Access to truly affordable healthcare!
7. Scholarship fund for our agent's families!

Fathom Accolades


Our Mission Statement

  1. To be the number one real estate brokerage in the U.S., offering a full-service model while providing our agents with the industry’s best commission plans.
  2. Continue to attract, hire, train, and retain only the very best Realtors ® to ensure our dominant brokerage position in the markets we service.
  3. To serve our agents with the conviction that by helping our agents achieve their personal, business, and financial goals, Fathom will position itself as an industry leader.
  4. To leverage our size and continued growth in order to provide more services and support to our agents while ensuring the long-term viability and ultimate success of this organization.
  5. To give back to the communities we serve through agent-led service projects and charitable giving.

Fathom Realty's agents and employees own stock in the company and now Fathom is filing to go public! Our agents have helped us grow and become profitable so we believe our agents should share in our combined success. This also helps ensure our core values and guiding principles are aligned with our agents.


Fathom's Guiding Principles

LOVE. We believe first and foremost in loving others as ourselves. In placing this principle at our very core, it will guide our actions as we grow and make decisions that affect our agents, our stockholders, our clients, and the communities in which we serve.

SERVICE. We believe in the principles of servant leadership. By truly serving others and placing their needs first, we believe they will return that service through excellence, growth, and goodwill.

INTEGRITY. We believe that building trust through integrity is vital in serving our agents and our clients. Therefore, we will be honest and upright in our conduct, unimpaired by selfish ambition or motives.

ACCEPTANCE. We believe that we are called to treat everyone with dignity and honor. We are not called to judge others. Instead, we are called to love and serve them.

RESPECT. We believe in treating others with respect and humility, listening to their words, and seeking first to understand. In doing so, we will build trust and become stronger as an organization, an industry, and a community.

SUPPORT. We believe in supporting others through the sharing of ideas, resources, and helping each other grow both personally and professionally. We will strive to exceed expectations on each and every opportunity.

CHARITY. We believe that it is our shared responsibility to feed the hungry, clothe and shelter the poor, and care for the sick. It is with that belief we serve our local communities through agent-led service projects and company-wide charitable giving.

FAMILY. We believe that Fathom is a family and in being such, we help each other, we serve each other, we respect each other, we protect each other, and we love each other. We do not just talk about being a family, we live it.

What's in a Name

The word Fathom means, ‘to come to understand’. Fathom strives to give the power back to our agents and shift the industry from broker-centric to agent-centric. This helps ensure that our clients are better taken care of. Our mission statement embraces the principle of servant leadership, highlights our deep desire for transformation, and calls us to a higher ideal in serving others.
Are you ready to get more from your broker?
Our 100% commission plan was designed to ensure the highest level of support, technology and training are available without sacrificing anything. Get more, keep more!
Get Started!
Our Fathom Family Fund was designed to give back to our agents in need as well as to those in our local communities. We give generously and deeply from company profits and through our agents who step up and contribute when the time of need arises.
Fathom created a special scholarship fund for the children and grandchildren of our agents. These funds can be used towards college as well as trade schools. We are proud to support our children as they become the future leaders in the communities they serve.
Fathom agents can benefit greatly through our Fathom Health Group. The plans offered save our agents thousands each year while providing free access to the Tele-Doc system as well as additional benefits such as income protection.