Fathom Offers – Agent-Centric Seller Options

June 3, 2021
8:00 am

Fathom Realty recently launched Fathom Offers, a collaboration with zavvie to allow agents to offer clients home selling alternatives, including Bridge Buyer resources and iBuyer options, while keeping agents at the center of the transaction.

CEO Josh Harley explains how these strategies allow Fathom and its agents to control their brand, their business and stay competitive.

“We can’t sit on the sidelines, whining and complaining about increased competition in the real estate sector. iBuyers arrived some time ago and are here to stay. I strongly believe we need to control our destiny by embracing change and turning negatives into positives. Most importantly, industry leaders have to collaborate and not fight amongst themselves when so much is at stake. Case in point, we recently joined forces with zavvie to develop Fathom Offers. This agent-centric service allows home sellers to compare multiple offers, including iBuyers, Bridge Buyer solutions, and the open market. Our agents generate leads and serve clients with all available options during the listing appointments by advertising Fathom Offers. Nine times out of ten, the seller realizes they will net more by selling on the open market. However, even if the client chooses the instant offer option, our agents still get paid their commission for bringing the deal to the iBuyer. So it turns out to be a win-win for everyone.”

Current Market Conditions Require Modern Solutions

Across the country, a shortage of housing inventory with strong buyer demand has led to homes selling in mere days, often with multiple offers and well over asking price. There is a shortage of inventory on the market. One of the challenges sellers are facing is listing their home and selling it before they have found a new home to buy. That’s where a Bridge Buyer solution can help. The Bridge Buyer options allow your clients to still buy the house they love before their own house sells. Therefore, it gives you the ability to convert a homeowner to a seller client and resolves their fear of being without a home in the process.

Bridge Buyer options provide the following benefits:

  • Removes the home sale contingencies so your seller clients can make a stronger offer on their next home in a low inventory market.
  • Creates flexibility in client’s timelines to move out and sell their current home. The seller may earn a higher sales price since the house will be empty and staged when listed.
  • The agent is involved throughout the process and still earns a commission.

There is no need to be overwhelmed with program details. Anytime you request a Bridge offer, you will have a designated zavvie advisor to walk you through the offer so you can serve your client with more information on service and rent back fees.

Bridge Buyers active through Fathom Offers on the zavvie platforms include:

  1. Easy Knock – available in all 50 states
    • Sell before you buy = Moveability Program
    • Sell and Stay
  2. Ribbon – available in NC, SC, TN, TX
    • Buy before you sell
    • Buy with cash
  3. Knock – available in CO, NC, GA, TX
    • Buy before you sell
    • Buy with cash
  4. Homeward – available in CO, GA, TX
    • Buy before you sell
    • Buy with cash

You can find complete details on each Bridge Buyer through the link to the company website.

We strongly recommend watching the webinar, “How to Use Bridge Buyers to Close More Deals,” to learn how to utilize the zaavie Bridge tools in your seller transactions. 

Fathom agents can also check out the Fathom Offers page on the FathomWiki Knowledge Base to register for a live stream training webinar or watch a pre-recorded session on all the benefits of Fathom Offers. Learn how you can secure an instant offer for your sellers today!