Use Your Email Signature To Send Pre-Written Emails

Do you ever find yourself sending the same email over and over again? Are you one of those people that keep a document with a bunch of pre-written emails so you can quickly copy and paste them into your emails? Then here’s a quick tip to make your life even easier.

Ditch the doc and use your email signature instead. Many email clients like Outlook, Postbox, and Apple Mail allow you to create multiple email signatures. Once you create your default signature, go back and create additional email signatures. Create a separate signature for each of your pre-written messages. Then, when you create a new email, just select the alternate email signature and KABOOM, there it is. Sorry for yelling, kaboom. I was going for effect. I personally have around a dozen canned messages set up as signatures in Postbox (my personal favorite email client).

Don’t have Outlook? What about Gmail? Gmail offers a couple of great plug-ins such as one called “Canned Responses” which can be found in Gmail under Settings inside of the Labs tab.

Do you have any great ideas for sending pre-written emails? What about other creative ideas for using email signatures? Please share your ideas!