Tell Your Story – Refer Great Agents!

May 5, 2021
5:16 pm

Most real estate agents grow accustomed to pitches and prodds to join one brokerage or another. Ultimately, each agent has a unique motivation for joining a company. The key to a successful referral is listening intently to an agent’s particular story and understanding their business goals. Find common ground between your real estate stories and focus on “the why” you choose your brokerage home at Fathom.

Here are some benefits to expand upon:

  1. Fathom’s Commission Model
    Fathom Realty’s business model allows agents to grow their business while netting more commission dollars. Plain and simple, more dollars back to the agent means more investment into their brand and business—no more wasted fees for needless office space and high splits back to the brokerage. Share what you have accomplished with your earnings.
  1. The Culture Sets Us Apart
    Time and time again, we hear that it’s Fathom’s servant leadership culture that attracts agents. The great camaraderie and support among District Directors and fellow agents create a positive work experience for all. Do you have a story to share of collaboration and guidance through a complicated transaction?
  1. Cutting-Edge Technology, Support, and Training
    Fathom provides technology with a focus on generating and converting buyers and sellers into clients. The Agent Services team is always available to answer questions online or on a call. National training webinars, the F.A.S.T. mentoring program, and local District Directors help agents quickly acclimate to Fathom Realty. What stood out during your onboarding experience?

Oh yes, then there is the most lucrative benefit of all – the Fathom Stock Grant Program! As you well know, Fathom agents earn stock grants on every sale and every agent referral. The more you help us grow, the more you own.

The 2021 Agent Referral Program takes the stock grant awards to a new level. Watch this video to learn how you can earn rewards for each referral.

We encourage all agents to continue to nurture relationships and reach across the transaction table for referral opportunities to get to that next earnings tier. Remember, the more agents you refer that join Fathom, the more you earn!