New Agent, New Market, New Team, 80 Transactions in 2020!

February 25, 2021
3:32 pm
Our Guest: Tyler Coon

Find out how this agent grew his business from zero to 80 transactions in a pandemic year. Join us with Tyler Coon as he shares his amazing success story.

Wednesday, March 3 @ 1:30 Central Time.

Show Transcript:

0:00:07.5 Geoff Stertz: Hello, and thanks again for joining us for another Fathom live, a live stream show dedicated to giving you tips and insights from experts in and around the real estate industry. I’m your host, Geoff Stertz. Glad to be with you here today. I hope today inspires you. I was inspired when speaking with Tyler Coon, our guest today, about his start into real estate. Tyler we’ll let you say hello here, we’ll mention a couple other things, and then we’ll get on to our interview. So hi, Tyler, glad to have you on the show today.

0:00:33.6 Tyler Coon: Hey, Geoff. Thanks for having me. I’m excited.

0:00:35.2 GS: And you’re hailing from what neck of the woods?

0:00:38.1 TC: Asheville, North Carolina.

0:00:39.1 GS: Asheville. Okay, great. We got a lot of agents in that area. So in just a moment, we’ll get to know Tyler a little bit more and hear his story. But in the meantime, get to commenting, sharing, and automatically you’ll be entered into a drawing for one of our prizes. You’ll win 200 bucks worth of stuff on the Fathom store or yard signs. You’ll also win a photo listing or you could win a photo listing package valued up to 200 bucks or some leads from GoSocial Agent, our sponsor today. And they help, GoSocial Agent helps you set up your account, and offers affordable and effective social media marketing solutions helping you grow your business. And so again, they’ll help you set up your account, do automatic postings, agent branded articles, buyer and seller handbooks, Facebook ad campaigns, and more. So you can check them out,

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0:02:24.5 TC: Thanks, man. Glad to be here.

0:02:26.6 GS: So, you started into real estate about a year and a half ago, and you are pretty much brand new into the Asheville area, and I found this interesting, and I like our viewers to, listeners as well to hear this, how did you establish yourself in Ashville?

0:02:53.0 TC: Yeah, Geoff, well, like you said, we got here and I immediately signed up for real estate classes, I knew that’s what I wanted to do here, and we had no contacts, we had no sphere of influence, I didn’t know one person here besides my parents who live hour and a half away. To get to know the area, it was funny, actually what I did, and I’m not saying this for everybody, but I went in… While I… In-between real estate classes, I drove for Uber, and I thought it was a good way to get to know the streets and know the neighborhood, maybe meet some people, and I actually ended up meeting a real estate agent as I was doing that, who gave me some helpful tips and kinda told me about the area as well. So I think it was a pretty good way to get to know it. Like I said, I don’t know if it’s for everybody, but it was pretty cool.

0:03:43.3 GS: Yeah, well, we have some agents that have kind of transitioned from a different career into real estate, somebody who comes to mind is a police officer and as they were finishing up their career in the force, they were taking real estate night school and… They already knew the neighborhood, but hey, what a great way to continue to keep income if you’re trying to transition away and get to know a new place if you are in fact new to that area, so, really, really cool idea.

0:04:14.6 GS: So, of course, the name of the game in real estate is lead generation, that’s a key part of obviously doing business unless somebody’s handing you those leads. Sorry about that, I had this on mute here guys, so forgive me. Anyways, so how did you… You did a lot of business last year, between you and your team, you guys did roughly around 80 transactions, is that right?

0:04:40.9 TC: We did 89 last year.

0:04:41.6 GS: Okay, 89 as a team, and then you did a bunch yourself as well. So you started late 2019, in the fall of 2019 how did you generate enough business, enough leads to carry you into an 89 transaction year?

0:05:00.8 TC: Yeah, so, I get this question a lot, and I think it’s really the main hurdle for most real estate agents when they start is where do I get my clients. Maybe they sell a house to a close friend or a family member, and it kind of pills out after that. At a high level, I think just make sure that you spend time thinking about how you can meet people and connect with people because that’s our entire business, is meeting people and connecting with people. But there are three ways that I really got my start, and I think getting down into the nitty-gritty is really good because a lot of these shows and things like that can talk at a high level but people don’t take anything…

0:05:39.8 GS: Right. We like the nitty gritty here, we wanna talk about… We wanna talk about what you’re doing for hours in a day, not just like, “Oh, you just need to be inspired, work hard or read these books and you’ll be fine.” What did you do?

0:05:53.0 TC: Yeah, so the first thing that we did was working with expired listings. Coming from a background in sales, I knew that expired listings were people that wanted to sell their house and tried to with another agent, but failed. I’ve got a call coming in or two.


0:06:16.0 GS: I don’t know what apple is doing, when I was off-screen, I checked both my devices they’re do not disturb, they’re muted, and the volume’s turned down, and yet somehow a phone call came through, so here we are. So expired listings.

0:06:31.1 TC: Yeah, so we did a lot of expired listings, and I think the main thing when you’re calling people is just… It’s a game of averages, like you’ve gotta put in the numbers and make as many calls as you can. So as far as expired listings go though, we’ve had to change how we’ve operated on that, it’s still a big foundation of our business, and we do a lot of transactions from expired still, but in this day and age, there’s not a lot of expired or withdrawn listings anymore, everything’s selling in hours when it hits the market. And so those expired listings got eaten up.

0:07:08.2 TC: And so, what we did was we went back for the last three years and we took every expired or withdrawn listing and we made a big list, we got all their phone numbers, which you can do with software like Mojo Dialer or Vulkan7. We got all their phone numbers and we’ve just got a big list and we’re gonna keep working that list until we talk to every single person on there, and whether they wanna do business with us now or not, we’re gonna add their contact information into our system, so that our automation and our CRM can keep reaching out to them.

0:07:40.5 TC: My second tip for lead generation, because obviously you don’t just wanna focus on one thing, would be, get on social media. Like everybody’s got a Facebook, but don’t be a secret agent. We’re not the FBI, we’re not the Secret Service, people need to know that we’re real estate agents. So make sure it’s on your Facebook, make sure it’s on your Instagram and all your other profiles. Don’t inundate your crowd or your following with real estate posts all the time, but make sure to sprinkle some in, whether it’s at an open house or at a showing or something like that, show them what real life looks like as a real estate agent.

0:08:20.7 TC: And my third thing would be to… Every conversation that you have with anybody, whether it’s your lawn guy or… I’ll give you a real life detail. I ordered a new washer and dryer last year from Lowe’s and have them delivered. And so, I went and struck up a conversation with the delivery guys and actually went and sold the house, bought a house with one of the delivery guys. So there are so many ways and so many interactions. My number one tip would be, never be afraid to ask for the business, right? People think that it can be so corny to put yourself out there or whatever. Especially in the beginning, I feel like a lot of agents are scared, they’re like, “I’m not doing any business, why should anybody trust me?”

0:09:07.4 TC: But the way that I go about it is to act as if. Act as if you’re an experienced real estate agent, act as if you’ve got a lot of transactions behind you, because until you adopt that mentality, you’re not gonna get anything, you have to trust and believe in yourself first, before others will trust and believe in you.

0:09:26.1 GS: Right, and it’s probably a bit of a misnomer to think that you are just an island unto yourself and that there aren’t any other resources. Early on, I started a website business, and somebody asked, “Can you do this on my website?” I had no idea, but I say, “Yeah, sure.” Well, part of the reason why I said that is because I had a good mentor. Actually, our CEO early on, Josh, that was able to be there. Now, I was able to figure it out, but here, you’ve got an agent community, in Fathom, you’ve got district directors, you’ve got people that can help you with that kind of stuff, so you do have in a sense that backing.

0:10:06.3 GS: But I agree with you, I felt terrified to say, “Yeah, I can do anything.” For somebody, but like you said, you just got to go forward and have confidence. Now, I want to expand a little bit on something that you said about, or one of your lead gen areas, and that is calling, you put together a giant list of calls, how many people do you think… Now, you’ve been in real estate for about a year and a half, how many people do you think you’ve picked up the phone and tried to call?

0:10:38.1 TC: Tens of thousands by now. My recent… I was trying to go through my recent list and find somebody I talked to yesterday, the day before that, and the recent list apparently only keeps a few hundred numbers…


0:10:52.3 TC: Calls from yesterday, so yeah. All I do is try to connect with people, that’s the main thing, whether it’s on the phone, I send tons of Facebook messages, whatever it is, emails, however you can connect with people, especially in this day and age. Just go for it, just do it.

0:11:11.3 TC: And I’ll give you a good example. For instance, me and my business partner, my co-team leader, Gaylin, we were looking for a coach, and I said, Who better to go to then Josh Harley. And so I messaged Josh Harley on Facebook, the guy never heard of me. We probably had 30 transactions at that point, and I said, “Hey, who would you recommend for a coach for people that are trying to build a team?” And he responded, and we’ve got a coach in Texas now, Brandon has a Fathom team out in Texas that does a lot of transactions, and he’s our coach now.

0:11:43.9 GS: Yeah, Brandon Howard. Is that who it is? Or Brandon Potts?

0:11:47.7 TC: He’s gonna kill me ’cause I’ve forgotten his last name. Brandon Potts.

0:11:51.6 GS: Yeah, it’s Potts. Yeah, Potts.

0:11:53.6 TC: Potts Realty Group. Yeah.

0:11:55.4 GS: Actually Brandon, I think was either the first or one of the first people on Fathom live, and so we’ll have to circle back with him as well, so very good. So there you go. You just asked.

0:12:05.0 TC: Exactly. You just go for it. When we started real estate, we wanted an office space, both me and my partner are not the type of people that can work well from home, and we were with the big red firm, not Fathom, but the big one. And they’re like, “No, we don’t know who you are, you haven’t done any transactions, you’re not getting any office space, but they had conference rooms you could rent.” So we literally every day put our names down on a conference room and got kicked from one to another to another as people had other meetings, but we literally just monopolized their office space until they were forced to give us an office because they were annoyed that we were taking it all. But we were there to make calls and talk to other agents and just… We just kept bothering people until somebody would give us the time of day.

0:12:51.3 GS: So I understand that you have a little bit of a background in sales prior to real estate, what was the difference for you in traditional sales moving over to real estate?

0:13:04.7 TC: Yeah, so I wonder if this happens to a lot of people, because I’ve never asked this question before, but as you and I dig into it more, I wonder how often it happens, because there are probably a lot of car salesmen that go from cars to real estate. My background comes in direct sales from home security systems at Solar and things like that, a lot of home service sales. And those are called the one call flows, somebody comes into a dealership, or you make one phone call, you make a sale immediately, a lot of it’s… There are some tactics involved to get people to purchase something from you in a one call, and I feel like those translate over well, at all.

0:13:46.5 TC: So, my advice for people coming over from a different kind of sales experience, real estate’s totally different, this is a huge life-changing decision for most people, and I had a lot of terminations early in my career. I think from September to November 2019, I had six termination. And I just knew like, this isn’t right. This is something I’m definitely doing wrong, and my business partner just pulled me aside and he said, “You’re pushing people into stuff that maybe they’re not ready for.” And I think that I really was, and I think, one, it’s a huge mistake to do, it can cost people money, it costs me time, it costs them time, and just didn’t translate well at all.

0:14:34.6 TC: And so I really took it backwards and just started letting people make their own decisions, giving my advice, giving my input, and not trying to get them to go any certain direction, and it’s paid out huge dividends, it’s a much easier sale, people feel a lot more confident in me, and I think that my clients really appreciate it.

0:14:55.9 GS: Gotcha. So it’s not like, by the end of this conversation, we’re gonna close a deal, it’s building a long-term relationship so that there’s trust, but still moving it forward to some sort of conclusion, either this isn’t gonna work for you, or let’s go ahead and pull the trigger on this.

0:15:10.4 TC: Exactly, exactly.

0:15:12.4 GS: With that then, any advice on cold calling? You’ve done a lot of it, so where have you found… What have you found to be most successful? And what have you found to cause the conversation to go the wrong way?

0:15:27.0 TC: So if anybody has done any research into this, I guess my advice would be the same thing that other people out there are reiterating. Set a strict schedule for yourself. If you’re gonna dial from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM, click that phone at 9:00 AM, just have it ready to dial, set up a list for yourself beforehand, prepare beforehand, make your cup of coffee beforehand, but dial at 9:00, and if you’re gonna dial for two hours, make sure you’re talking for that whole two hours, whether it’s one person you’re having conversation or whatever it is, but just make sure you use it.

0:16:03.7 TC: So many people will start and then maybe they get a few nos and they get discouraged, they wanna take a break. Then they get distracted, they get a phone call from somebody else. Put your phone on do Not Disturb, don’t take any incoming phone calls, those people wanna talk to you, you wanna talk to the people that maybe aren’t thinking about you right now, so that’s… We time block every day from 10:00 AM ’til 11:30 for nurturing leads, new lead generation, whatever it is, but just talking to the right people, that would really be my main advice.

0:16:41.2 GS: Fantastic.

0:16:42.4 TC: Time the phone, and just go for it, don’t ever take… Don’t take the nos personally. It’s all a numbers game. So just do it. Keep doing it. Don’t ever give up. It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to.

0:16:54.3 GS: Right. And if you can do 60 calls an hour in a week’s time, you’ve done 300 calls, and if you get a lead every 300 calls, then every week you’re getting a lead.

0:17:06.7 TC: Exactly, exactly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent… I’ve had two hours blocked for lead generation, whether, if it’s 9:00 to 11:00, and at 10:59, somebody finally picked up the phone that I could talk to, and that was a good lead. I got a listing or a buy or whatever it is, and it took me the whole two hours to find them, sometimes it’s the reverse, so don’t let luck determine what your business is gonna be. Don’t leave it up to luck. Set a schedule and stick to it and you’ll be fine. You’ll do great.

0:17:35.6 GS: By the way, if you wanna ask Tyler any questions, feel free to jump in. I’ve seen a lot of good comments. People just saying, “Yes, expired listings is a great way to get a good start into real estate, great business information, shout out to the Potts team as well.” Some of that stuff. But if you do have questions, you wanna sort of tug on the Tyler’s brain there, then… Feel free to put it on there. I was thinking about cold calling. My wife… I would be probably the extrovert in the… Not probably, I would be the extrovert in our family, and then she’s the introvert, and she showed me a meme the other day of Rocky getting ready for the next fight, and the caption was like an introvert getting ready for a phone call. And it is so true.

0:18:24.9 GS: But I think anybody… It’s like I’m gonna call and I don’t know what to say, I don’t know who the person is gonna be, and they may hate me, you have to… If you feel like, “Oh, I gotta muster up all of this sort of energy to do that.” But just pick up the phone, like you said, 9 o’clock just pick up the phone and start making those phone calls and you won’t have that sort of like, “Should I, should I not?” So great advice there. What’s that?

0:18:51.3 TC: Yeah. You’ll get it right eventually. You know what I mean? It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time, or the first thousand times. You’ll get it right, just keep practicing. It’s like anything else.

0:19:00.0 GS: So one of the areas of real estate that we talk about a lot, even on the show, is sort of organically growing your sphere. Now, you’re doing stuff that’s like, you’re calling up people cold turkey and trying to get their business. But when we were talking, you’d mentioned sort of another part of an agent’s sphere that often is untapped, or not really nurtured, outside of just clients. And I was wondering if you could speak a little bit more to that.

0:19:30.3 TC: Yeah, so I think this is a big mistake that a lot of agents may be making. The established agents in our area obviously know a lot of the other agents, but coming in as a new agent or a newer agent in your first couple of years, you probably don’t know a lot of the other agents in your area. And so one thing that we really did and focused on, was creating connections with as many agents as we could in our area. You spend all your time focusing on your clients, but you can’t forget that in every transaction, not every, but most transactions, there’s another agent on the end of that deal. And this is especially important right now, where you’ve got multiple offer situations like crazy. I mean, we put an offer in on a house last week that had 24 other offers in on it.

0:20:22.0 TC: How do you… Just like I said before, you can’t let luck determine how big your business is gonna be, right. Don’t let it. You can’t… Because you don’t know what the other 23 offers are, how do you get to the top of the pile? Even if maybe you don’t have the highest purchase price, or your terms aren’t the best, or your client as a FHA or VA loan. And so my advice on that would be spend as much time connecting with other agents as possible. They are on the other side of most of your transactions. So if you send an offer in and there’s 24 other offers, you can call the agent up and maybe they’ll actually take your call, whereas they’re hanging up on everybody else because they don’t have the… Nobody can talk to 40 people at once.

0:21:08.1 TC: So that would be my advice there, and it… We didn’t purposely do that. But for us, it was just getting to know the other agents really, so that we could figure out how they’re doing so well and we could do it too. And it ended up working out for us, and now we’ve actually transitioned that into a foundation of our business. We will invite agents in the office for lunch, we send them gift cards, just like we do with our sphere. We send them gift cards on Christmas and for other holidays and send them a nice text message. Try not to let the negativity, if you’ve got a really hard transaction that sometimes you and the other agent feel like you’re butting heads, try to take it down a notch.

0:21:51.4 GS: Don’t burn that bridge.

0:21:53.8 TC: Yeah, don’t burn that bridge, because you never… I had an agent last week that just blew up because his offer didn’t get accepted, and now if I ever… If I’ve got a listing and I ever get an offer from him again, it’s gonna… The first thing that’s gonna come to my mind is, how is…

0:22:09.3 GS: I’m gonna have to deal with that guy. [laughter]

0:22:12.6 TC: Yeah, and not just me, but if he’s like that with me, ’cause he’s like that with his clients, can he keep the transaction together. This is really important information, and I think it’s all part of a deal. Nowadays, when we get these multiple offers, and terms are insane and the house may not even appraise for that much, I think the other agent on the other end of the deal is just as important as the terms of the offer. So that would be my advice.

0:22:40.1 GS: Hey, yeah.

0:22:40.1 TC: People… And if there’s a negative experience, try to take it down a notch and understand that it’s probably not coming from them.

0:22:47.2 GS: Great, great. Great advice. So you are getting some coaching from another experienced team right now, which is great. We were a huge advocate for coaching here at Fathom. And by the way, and if you’re a new agent and you’re getting your new agent Marketing Essentials kit in there, we actually have cards that say, “It’s been a pleasure working with you.” That you can hand to another agent for several transactions. So take advantage of those, like you saying, put a gift card or something in there to let them know you appreciate them. But if… So somebody’s coaching you, but if you were coaching a brand new agent, and they had generally a free week or a clear schedule this week, and I know you’ve spoken already, some tips, but what would you tell them to do? I’ve got 40 hours to burn starting today, between now and next Wednesday. What would you say?

0:23:40.4 TC: I would say, one, if you can get around other agents and you’ve got that much free time on your hands and you don’t know what to do with it, and maybe you’re spinning your wheels. One, get around other agents that are doing the business. And that may be tough right now, I don’t know how many offices are open or not, but whether that’s on Zoom calls or whatever, just instant messaging on Facebook at night. Try to get around other agents. Our coaching with Brandon is interesting, because it’s not really the tidbits he gives us, it’s what we think of while we’re deliberately coaching with him. We’re spending the money, we’re spending the time, we’ve dedicated ourselves to us, and so we wanna make sure that we’re getting that coaching and it’s worth it.

0:24:28.6 TC: So if I was to give some advice, one, it would be get around other agents. Two, would be make a list of phone numbers and start calling people, whether it’s… If you’ve done a couple transactions, call your past clients, call all of them, your friends in the area, school teachers, your lawn guy, you just… Anybody that you can call and talk to. That’s just what you have to do in this business. You’ve got to go for it and you’ve got to ask for the business. So one would be, make a list of phone numbers, and two, ask for the business every time you talk to somebody. And it doesn’t have to be in their face, make sure to have a real conversation and connect with them first. They don’t wanna feel like you’re taking advantage of them. But throw in at the end, “Hey, by the way, I’m doing a contest in my office. Do you happen to know anybody that’s looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate some time this year?” And most of the time you’re probably gonna get a no, but if you never ask for it you certainly won’t get it.

0:25:28.1 GS: Right, ’cause I’d be like, “Actually… ” [laughter]

0:25:29.9 TC: Right. Exactly. It happens, it happens every day for us, and it’s something we always instill in everybody on the team. Ask for the business. Ask for the business. Ask for the business.

0:25:41.3 GS: Very good. Somebody asked, it’s here, Nick Lewis asked, “Even as crazy as the market is, is it still possible to get a discount off a listing price on some properties?” I don’t know if you would have any thoughts on that.

0:25:52.6 TC: I definitely do, and I know why Nick’s asking me this because I… He is closing on Monday, and we actually got him a 10% discount on his property. There’s definitely…

0:26:03.8 GS: So there’s a relationship here? There’s a… [laughter]

0:26:07.6 TC: Yeah. He’s a friend of mine. Best friend. Just newly wed. So congratulations on that.

0:26:11.1 GS: Oh, and then he… That’s why he asked, “Are newly weds the hardest to close?”


0:26:16.1 TC: I think it’s trolling me.


0:26:17.6 GS: I think so too. Yeah, I was like, “That’s kind of a unusual question.” So… I mean, for like what we were just talking about. So that’s funny.

0:26:25.3 TC: But yeah, I think there’s definitely still deals out there to be had. And I will tell you, the… There are two transactions I’ve got right now that came from… This goes back to something we were just talking about, Geoff, was having a relationship with agents that are out there. If you’re talking with them and they may be like, “Hey, I’ve got a new listing coming in that neighborhood that you tried to put an offer in on.” If I didn’t have a relationship with him, I wouldn’t have been the first one in the door. We went up there in a snow storm. We were like, “No, we don’t care. Well, just let us in the door.” It was on the market, it was able to be shown, but everybody was scared to go up there. And we got the house, and I think we were willing to pay more money than we paid for it. And so, yeah, I think there’s deals out there to be had, but you’ve gotta be strategic about it. So again, I think that really goes back to getting to know as many agents as you possibly can, because you’ll inevitably get good information like that.

0:27:22.7 GS: Very good. Any advice that you would… I wanna ask you about teams here, in just a second, and sort of that transition, but any advice that you would give to your earlier self if you could go back? And I know there’s always like, “No, I would just let it happen the way it happens, ’cause it’s been successful.” But you got advice from people, so what would you say to your earlier self?

0:27:44.5 TC: Everything I did was perfect, everything…


0:27:49.5 TC: So I was about to give up in November of 2019. I was like, “I’ve got six terminations, this is crazy. I’ve only closed two deals. This isn’t normal, this is… I’m not cut out for this.” And I think every agent out there goes through that roller coaster. So there are two things that I would say. One would be, know that your first year, your first two years, it’s gonna be the hardest. If I could go back I would tell myself, “Stop stressing out. It will get easier.” Because I probably spent a lot of time stressing out and then you’re not in the right mind frame, and it’s just… You make it harder on yourself than it needs to be. The more transactions you do, I think the bigger your sphere gets. And inevitably what will happen is, as your sphere grows, and this is why those agents that have 20 years in the business are… Have it so easy. As your sphere grows you will start to absorb the sphere of everyone that you work with. If you provide really good service, you get your clients a good deal, you just go above and beyond your call of duty, whatever it is, if you do it really well, you will absorb their sphere as well. So it’s exponential.

0:29:10.3 TC: Don’t be afraid of moving to a new market. I see that question all the time, “Should I move to a new… ” Don’t be afraid of moving to a new market. Provide really, really good service because the growth is exponential. As long as you leverage your time correctly, the growth is totally exponential. Because you can sell to one person, that person may refer you to two people, and then you do another transaction, that person will refer you to two people. But what happens is those two people that you then work with will refer you to two other people, and two other people, and two other people. So build your business that way. Give just amazing, outstanding service.

0:29:48.9 TC: One of my team members, I’ll tell you, and you’ll probably think this is crazy, ’cause I thought it was crazy. But he has dug up two septic tanks for his client with a shovel, on his own. [laughter] Don’t know how, ’cause the septic company’s refused to get to the cap of the septic tank, and dug up the septic tank. And those people will never forget that. You know what I mean? They’ll think about that every time somebody talks about real estate. And whose name are they gonna mention first? It’s gonna be his. So that’s what I would go back and tell myself is, the growth is possible, don’t stress out about it and just provide as good a service as you can.

0:30:24.9 GS: Excellent, excellent. Well, kind of on that vein, somebody on YouTube asks, “How would you recommend that an 18-year-old like myself get started into real estate? I plan to get my license soon, but I’m thinking about interning with a local broker first as a first stage. What would you think of that?”

0:30:43.3 TC: Yeah, so that’s actually one of the steps that I took as well. So right after I finished my real estate class I went and called up all the big teams in the area, and I said, “Hey, do you guys need a lead generator? I’m willing to come in, I will cold call, I’ll do whatever it takes to learn.” And so I went and worked for a team here and it was good, and I was signing up expired listings, and calling, and setting up listing appointments. And I think in the two months that I was with them I had $2.7 million in listings. Of course, it was the main listing broker, the team leader, that was doing the appointment, but he brought me along and I absorbed a lot of good information. So yes, it’s definitely possible. I know an 18-year-old that started in real estate and he’s done $10 million in the last 12 months. Did awesome. But he was never… He didn’t act like, “Oh, I’m too young to do this.” He just went and did it.

0:31:43.9 GS: You just do it.

0:31:46.1 TC: Yeah, he just did it. And of course, there are people that said, “You’re too young. I want someone more experienced.” But you’re gonna get that whether you’re 18 or whether you’re 38 if you’ve started real estate. So heck yes, go for it, do it. Make sure you’re prepared. You may need to do a little Uber driving on the side, or whatever it is to pay the bill, but definitely do it. If I could have got… Known…

0:32:12.0 GS: If you could go back.

0:32:15.0 TC: Right. At 18, if I knew how well I was gonna do in real estate, I absolutely would have started earlier, 100%.

0:32:20.8 GS: Would have started earlier.

0:32:22.6 TC: So go for it. You’re gonna kill it. The fact that you’re even thinking about it at 18 shows that you’re different than most 18-year-olds out there. So go for it.

0:32:29.6 GS: Very good. I was gonna mention too, we do have a mentorship program here at Fathom, where you can team up with another agent for several transactions as well, and learn hands-on real world experience, so that’s another option for you. Last question here, and I appreciate all of the input you’ve given. You went from being a solo team… Did you start off as a team or did you go kind of as a solo agent into being a team?

0:33:00.1 TC: Yeah. I like to think that we started as a team. Me and my business partner Gaylin, my co-team lead now, we were in real estate school together, and we just decided to tackle this huge, crazy thing together. And we didn’t have any big dreams for it, I think my goal for last year was 12 transactions, and I did almost 40. So yes, definitely, if you can find someone, I would say, go at it together. I don’t think I would have been near as successful as I was, not due to my own horde or anything, but I think we did pretty well for our first full year, last year. But I don’t think I would have made it without him, 100%, honestly. In this roller coaster of real estate, like the crazy ups and downs, especially in the beginning, he’s the one that picked me up off the floor and said, “You can do it. It’s fine. Let’s just figure out why this is happening and you’ll be fine.” And so that was invaluable. He is 100% the reason that I’m still here today, and one of the reasons that I still wanna come in and work.

0:34:14.6 TC: It’s a good competition. I did 39 transactions last year and did just a little bit more volume than him, and he did 40 transactions and did just a little bit less volume. And so we came out neck and neck and just figure out how that works for you, to get into the nitty gritty of it, because I think those things are really important. We started an LLC and put a business bank account and decided what percentages we were gonna take, and so make sure to have those conversations up front, if you do decide to go down that path.

0:34:48.1 GS: Great advice.

0:34:50.7 TC: But yes, I was able to take vacations and he took over clients for me and vice versa. And so it was really helpful, the support system, having someone to bounce your ideas off of. Yeah, I would say we started as a team, and now we’ve considerably grown that into property management. We’ve got an administrator, Charlene, who’s just phenomenal and handles all the back end for us and cleans up our messes, and we’ve got four agents now. I think every single one of them has taken a listing this week, which is phenomenal and amazing, because if you would have asked them six months ago, they wouldn’t have even known what to set at a listing appointment.

0:35:32.6 TC: And I always tell them this, “We’re brand new too.” So it’s not that we were just able to tell them, “Here’s what you say at a listing appointment.” We just all figured it out together. And that’s what our team’s all about, we figure things out together, we use each other as sounding boards, and we just go at it like that, so…

0:35:51.5 GS: Very, very cool. Tyler, thank you. Thank you for all of the advice, your story and everything, and answering those questions, and we really appreciate you coming on. Any last word before we let you go?

0:36:05.4 TC: Ask for the business. Always ask for the business. That’s our motto. If you don’t ask for the business, you will never get it, so…

0:36:13.6 GS: Awesome.

0:36:14.5 TC: Just don’t stop, keep going. Figure it out.

0:36:16.7 GS: Alright. Well, thank you very much, and if you’re still hanging on here we invite you, if you’re not a Fathom agent, to head over to You’re gonna find a different kind of brokerage, we have a different kind of commission structure that we believe is the best in the industry, and you’ll find all of that right on our homepage and links to other things. It’s a brokerage that works for you, not the other way around, offering you the tools and everything that you need for your success. So visit us at We’ll see you in a couple weeks.


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