Free Brand Building Strategies

March 3, 2021
8:00 am

At the recent Inman Connect conference, Fathom Realty sponsored a series of Learning Labs on Branding hosted by Fathom’s Chief Brand Officer, Wendy Forsythe. Below is the summary of the learning lab’s key takeaways and strategies for Free Brand Building Strategies.

Here is the third of the three Learning Labs: 

As real estate professionals, we love free tools. The third Learning Lab in our three-part series highlights free tools that you can use to build your brand and tell your brand story. To help with that process, Wendy Forsythe invited Kristi Kennelly, Brand Ambassador with RateMyAgent, to share the latest products and services that are easy to use and available for free. Below are highlights of the tools and websites discussed in the video, which will help you with everything from video and social media post creation to the latest in online social interaction, and branding.

Loom is a free Chrome extension that allows you to record your screen and yourself simultaneously. You can create an informational slide or use existing marketing materials and record yourself along with it. Kristi likes that you are using information that you have previously created, so you don’t have to memorize a script or read from a teleprompter. Once you have recorded, you can download the mp4 file and use it across your platforms: your website, your RateMyAgent profile, your email signature, YouTube, or any of your social media. Wendy suggested that you can also use these videos to create a virtual walkthrough of a listing, an introduction, or even a neighborhood tour for an out of town buyer. is an excellent option for people who don’t like the idea of appearing on-screen but still want to harness the power of video content. Provide Lumen5 with the content you want to be covered, and they will quickly create a video for you using stock footage. If you want to have a little more control, you also have the option of choosing footage for yourself from their library or providing your own. 

Instagram TV (IGTV) and Reels

One of the easiest ways to leverage your existing content is to repurpose it onto other platforms. Perhaps you have great FAQ videos or other evergreen content that you want to share beyond your YouTube channel; a great way to get that content out there is using IGTV. IGTV is available by accessing your Instagram profile from your desktop. Go to your profile on your desktop and look under your highlights for the IGTV icon. Once you click the icon, you can drag and drop your video content and add hashtags. The first minute of the video will become a post that shows up in users’ feeds, and they can click to watch the entire video. You can also add it to your Instagram Stories. 

Another new Instagram feature is Reels, which is a great way to make videos for your followers. It is similar to TikTok and allows you to make 15 to 30-second videos while also providing access to copyrighted music to use. Kristi suggested showing off a listing or a room to some amazing music. And, unlike Instagram Stories which disappear, Reels stay on your profile.

Canva is a quick and easy way to create professional-looking social media posts. Offering both free and paid account options, Canva allows you to use their pre-existing, easy-to-edit templates and add your photos and text. There are many editing tools to create nearly endless image options that are customizable to your brand.

In a previous Learning Lab, we highlighted the importance of doing a regular brand audit of your online presence. Real Grader provides a free online audit of your social media, including your YouTube and social profiles. They create a report with recommendations for fixes and updates, including things like making sure your email address is consistent across all of your profiles. Once the report is generated (typically about five business days), you can act on the items yourself or pay Real Grader to help you with solutions.

RateMyAgent allows you to claim your profile and then collect all of your online reviews into one place, for free. Each of those reviews creates a unique web page, but they all come from a single source, which helps with search engine optimization and allows potential clients to easily find all of your reviews without looking in multiple places. 


Clubhouse is a brand new, real-time, audio-based social media app that Kristi says “is like talk radio meets live podcasting meets Zoom without cameras.” Clubhouse allows users to start, join or listen in on conversations with fellow users about a given topic. 

We hope you have enjoyed the Learning Lab series, sponsored by Fathom Realty. Please make sure also to check out the other two labs in the series to help you fully build your brand and tell your story. 

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