Fathom Realty Launches National Talent Acquisition Team

CARY, N.C., May 12, 2020 — Fathom Realty is excited to share the launch of a national Talent Acquisition Team. Earlier in 2020, the planning began to launch a robust marketing and recruiting system to support the growth efforts of local market leaders. The Talent Acquisition Team will focus on recruiting agents, team leaders and small brokerage who are interested in taking their business to the next level with Fathom.

For more information visit www.fathomcareers.com.

“We had no way of knowing earlier in the year the curve ball Covid-19 would throw us. Despite that, we moved forward with hiring several new people and are focusing on implementing our growth plans,” said Josh Harley, founder and CEO of Fathom. “We have experienced a record number of inquiries about joining Fathom in April and are happy to have a team in place to accelerate our growth moving forward.”

The Talent Acquisition Team will work closely with the local market leaders to focus on expanding the footprint of Fathom in our existing markets across the country as well as opening up in several new markets that will be announced throughout the year.

The team is led by Wendy Forsythe, Fathom’s Chief Brand Officer. Forsythe has a proven track record of building teams focused on growth. The Talent Acquisition Specialists are trained on helping agents evaluate their current business and access the opportunity to grow their business and bottom line by leveraging the Fathom business model.

“It is a unique time to be launching a growth initiative of this kind and we have been very sensitive to that. We are here to help and support agents looking to make changes in their business. As we all pivot to a new normal, we know we can help many real estate professionals redefine their business in a successful way,” said Forsythe.

“The challenging time we are all navigating right now has demonstrated the value and power at the core of Fathom’s non-traditional business model; maximum commission to agents, low expenses, no bricks and mortar and leveraging technology,” Harley remarked. “Fathom is experiencing growth even during the market decline caused by the Covid-19 pandemic while traditional real estate brokerages are struggling to simply maintain their business.”


About Fathom Realty: Fathom Realty is a national, cloud-based, real estate brokerage powered by a proprietary technology platform called IntelliAgent. The company currently operates in 23 states covering approximately 110 markets with over 4000 agents. Agents enjoy a higher net income through Fathom’s 100% commission, transaction fee compensation model allowing them to invest more money into growing their business. Fathom agents also earn stock grants based on their contribution to revenue and company growth. For more information visit www.fathomcareers.com.


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