Fathom Live – April 15, 2020 | Diana Campos


Airing Wednesday at 1:30 CST

Our Guest : Diana Campos, REALTOR®


  • How did you make your way into real estate? 11:15
  • Did you hit the ground running immediately putting up high numbers or did it take you a while to get your business to where it is today? 11:56
  • Where did the shift happen where your business really picked up? 14:11
  • What kind of money had you previously spent on paid leads and how much are you spending now? 16:40
  • When you shifted to organic Facebook lead generation, how did the leads themselves differ from what you were doing before? 20:00
  • So, what are you doing to generate so much business via social media? 22:00
  • What can people be doing right now during this partial shutdown to generate business and plant seeds for future business? 43:50
  • You’ve recently engaged in a “30 day plan.” What does that plan entail and how is it going so far? 39:33
  • I know this may not directly apply to all of our viewers, but you’re doing a lot with KvCore. Can you talk a little about what you’re doing? 48:10
  • Tell me about doing your first Virtual Buyers Consultation while sharing your screen. What software are you using? Did you practice? 45:10
  • Maybe there is an agent out there who just feels paralyzed right now during this economic slowdown. What advice would you give that person? 47:45
  • If the are seeing a slowdown in their business, what can they be doing while things are slow? With kids’ schedules being different, what kind of schedule are you keeping to get your work done during this time? 44:10
  • When we talked prior to the show, you mentioned to me that you had to “change your goal.” What changed and how has this helped you maintain a winning spirit? 49:50
  • What Books Are You Reading: 52:00.
Diana Campos

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