Sell a House a Week

April 29, 2021
1:01 pm
Our Guest: Aziz Shabazz

Join us Wednesday with upcoming guest, Aziz Shabazz. If you don’t already know Aziz, get ready to meet our charismatic District Director from Illinois with an amazing Fathom story.

Wednesday, May 5 @ 1:30 Central Time.

Show Transcript:

0:00:02.7 Geoff Stertz: Hello, thanks for joining us for another Fathom Live, a live stream show dedicated to giving you tips and insights from experts in and around the real estate industry. I’m your host, Geoff Stertz. So glad to be with you again today. We have another guest with us that’s boots on the ground agent like yourself, if you’re watching, and so I’m so excited to hear from him, Aziz Shabazz hailing from Chicago. Aziz welcome.

0:00:28.8 Aziz Shabazz: Hey, Geoff. How you doing today?

0:00:32.5 GS: Hey, we’re doing great. How are you doing?

0:00:34.5 AS: I’m blessed and not stressed is what I like to say.

0:00:38.3 GS: Alright, I like both of those. That’s good. Alright, well, we’re gonna jump right into questions with Aziz here in just a minute, but as always, when you start giving a shoutout comments like many of you already are, whether that’s on YouTube or whether that’s on Facebook, that automatically enters you into a drawing to win one of… A couple of different prizes, you can win a yard sign package, photo listing package or go social leads package, all valued up to 200 bucks, and that’s free to you when you win. And also if you comment during the show or ask a question that gets used on the show, then we enter you several times into that, and we just pick a random number and if you win you win. So shoutout here to Teresa, Brandon and Rene Bridget, Ebony, Teresa, Zack, Janet and Britney Ball, and then somebody named All Prayed Up.

0:01:32.2 GS: So that’s good, it’s good to be all prayed up. Anyways, if you haven’t hit the notification bell, do that, if you haven’t watched last week’s show with David Knox, man for the market that we’re in, that is an episode you don’t want to look over, and then our next show is with Colley Bailey, who’s in Arkansas. He’s got some innovative ways of doing marketing and then we have following up with that, Will Draper out in, I believe, the Carolinas. I think he’s in the Raleigh market, and he’s got sorts of some creative stuff. So a lot of agent content coming up here. So, well let’s just jump right into things here. Aziz thanks for joining us. And you’re in Chicago, correct?

0:02:09.9 AS: Yeah, right outside of Chicago. So I’m in a suburb called Aurora, so not too far, outside Chicago.

0:02:15.4 GS: Aurora, yeah. Very familiar with that. Very good. But when you were not in Chicago, out in LA, as you must do when you’re in LA, you met a celebrity. So this has nothing to do with real estate. Well, it actually does have to do with real estate because there’s a very important home that you went and visited.

0:02:32.2 AS: Yeah, yeah, so yeah. My fun fact is, when I was out in LA, I met Tatyana Ali, who was co-starring on a show called The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with Will Smith. And as a child in my childhood, in my teenage years I was a big fan of that TV show, so yeah I happened to be right next to her and we were actually getting ready to go into a night club and so I got to meet her, and then the next day, we actually went out to the house that they used in the Bel-Air to film the show. So that was a great experience.

0:03:11.5 GS: That’s awesome, that’s awesome. Kind of a seeing your childhood dream there. Very very cool. By the way, I said that we do a drawing every week for a winner, and this week’s winner is Philip Martin. So congrats Philip and we’ll be reaching out to you for one of those three prizes, and again, if you’re commenting, that automatically enters you in, so even if you’re just watching, just say, “I’m in Jeff from Wiley, Texas,” that’ll work and that will enter you. So let’s just jump right into your career here, when did you start in real estate, and how did you get to where you were… Last year you were selling on average a house a week, 54 transactions, so maybe just give us kind of a fly over of that journey.

0:03:56.2 AS: Yeah, yeah, so I got into real estate in 2016, I wanna say so. You know it’s been about almost five years since that, since I’ve been in the business. Got in as a part-time agent, I was working a full-time job at the time, and kind of just really hustled my way into those 54 transactions, and like you say, boots on the ground and really just dove into real estate. Started with a small brokerage, small boutique brokerage. I didn’t have a whole lot of training, but I kinda had a sense of business and I just picked it up and ran with it.

0:04:41.8 GS: Good for you, good for you, and then I’m assuming not starting out with 54 transactions that first year.

0:04:49.2 AS: No, no, no, not at all. Not the first year, but I didn’t do bad the first year. The first year I did about, I wanna say 17 transactions.

0:04:57.0 GS: Wow. Good for you.

0:04:58.7 AS: Yeah, yeah within that first year. When I first came in, my goal was to do four transactions. I didn’t really plan on trying to get to the level that I reached in 2020. It was just, “Hey, I wanted to pick up some extra money. Find another business or provide another income for my family,” and it actually turned into a lot more. So part-time I did about 17 transactions, I believe that first year, and then next year part-time, I wanted to put a little bit more fire on it, and I did 24 transactions part-time in second year.

0:05:41.8 GS: Good for you. Good for you. So it can be done if you’re watching. If you’re a new agent, it can be done. So maybe just kind of from the perspective of a coach… And by the way, just for those watching, you don’t have a team, you don’t have a transaction coordinator, you don’t have an assistant or anything, right? It’s just you flying solo on all of this. Okay, alright.

0:06:05.0 AS: Yeah.

0:06:05.3 GS: I think that’s helpful for people to that understand. But if you were coaching a new agent, what would you tell them to do in their first 90 days to… They get their license, they’re now a realtor by definition, how do they get… Become a realtor by practice?

0:06:24.9 AS: Yeah, yeah. So I think before anything, it’s about mindset. What are your goals? Where do you wanna be? What’s your mindset, as far as success? What do you want to achieve? Because everybody may not wanna be a top producer, so I maybe wanna be a top producer and I wanna train everyone that way, but I gotta know first the commitment level of a new agent. So is that mindset of the goals that you wanna hit first and foremost, and if you have that mindset that you wanna achieve great things, then in that first 90 days, you really need to be looking at your foundation. You wanna know how to write your buyer’s agreements, your listing agreements, how to use your intel agent, your kvCORE… You really wanna get the foundation of how to do buyer presentations and listing presentations to really have that confidence to be able to go out there and start fishing for the business.

0:07:32.9 GS: Gotcha, alright, so get your foundation set, and then once you are confident you know how to do these things, now, it’s just getting leads, getting them in and doing what you’ve already learned to do. Did you get most of your leads from your sphere of influence when you started out, and if not, how did you generate business to be able to do that many transactions?

0:07:56.5 AS: Yeah, so I did go after some paid leads, I got a lot of my business from paid leads as well. But a lot of agents ask me about paid leads and they wanna jump right into that, and it’s not something that I recommend. I recommend, I always say, “Focus on the free.” Whatever is free, focus on that. When we talk about building your foundation, focus on your social media, focus on your marketing, focus on your sphere of influence, and attack that first, that’s gonna be a very warm market and the advertising is zero, little to zero cost. And you should really dive into that because the other part about that is if you jump right into paid leads, it’s gonna be harder for you to wanna go back to the foundation to what’s really gonna keep you supported. Because you’re like, “Oh, I got leads coming in,” but sometimes those leads can even go sour. So you wanna have that foundational base. So I did that first, then I went in to paid leads. I would say maybe out of that first year, those first 17 transactions, maybe about 10 of them were paid leads.

0:09:16.7 GS: Gotcha, gotcha. So it kind of kick-started your business in a way, but the other seven, it wasn’t like you just knew seven people that wanted to buy a house, you had to go out and hunt for that. Did you do open houses, did you send out mailers, what did you do to contact people, or did you answer the phone… How did you get that business?

0:09:38.1 AS: Yeah, yeah. So I didn’t have a really big sphere as far as family and friends, I didn’t have a big sphere there, so what I did do was I found who else do I know that has good credit, that has income, that may be potentially looking for… Looking to buy homes? And I kind of found this somewhat by mistake, it’s really when you’re passionate about something that you’re doing, you tend to talk about it a lot. People are passionate about their family, their kids, their pets, so they… Their hobbies, right. So they tend to talk about those things a lot. I was very passionate about real estate and what I was doing in business, so it drove me to just talk about that a lot. And then what I found is actually my co-workers that I was working my current job with, were actually the best candidates. I spent a lot of time with them, like they say you spend more time at work than at home a lot of times, and I ended up selling several of my co-workers homes…

0:10:44.8 GS: Very good.

0:10:45.3 AS: Before I actually left the company, and went full-time.

0:10:49.5 GS: Right. Right, alright. So just wherever you’re at… Did you end up doing any open houses, is that a thing that would generate… Has generated business for you over the time, or was that just not part of your strategy?

0:11:04.7 AS: In the beginning, it wasn’t very much a part of my strategy because I was working full-time and I was taking clients out on the weekends and things like that, so I had enough business kind of generating, ongoing. But when I became a full-time agent then I had more time on my hands, I did start doing open houses, and one of the first open houses I did, I actually did pick up a buyer for, it was a little under 500,000, is what we purchased the home for… So that is a good way of generating business. And even as a managing broker, I even picked up an agent from an open house.

0:11:46.6 GS: Sure, yeah.

0:11:47.8 AS: So I would say this, that the more people you talk to, no matter what form or fashion that you do it, it’s gonna lead to more business, it’s networking you’re speaking to more people, you’re getting in front of people one way or another, and then that turns into pre-approvals and then those pre-approvals turn into searches and then actually getting homes under contract.

0:12:14.3 GS: Very good. It’s your funnel, you pour more stuff into it and you get more stuff out at the bottom. I’m gonna ask you something else here, but I just thought I’d let you know, Matt Thompson wanted the world to know that he got excused from jury duty just so he can listen to you and your ideas here Aziz. So… So you better deliver. This is no pressure, but pressure.

0:12:40.0 AS: No pressure at all. Me and Matt, we conversate a little bit of back and forth on Facebook, so you know if he doesn’t get enough here, enough value here, he can always reach out to me as well.

0:12:52.4 GS: Alright, sounds good. So let’s just go to last year, you did a bunch of transactions, and it was funny ’cause when I was talking to you, I said, you do the transaction a week, and you said, I didn’t even realize it was a transaction a week, I just have this kind of This lump number, and partly because you’re not doing a transaction a week, you’re doing sometimes batches depending on the season and how things line up, but how many of those were sellers agents versus buyers agents. Just roughly yeah.

0:13:22.1 AS: Oh, okay. So sellers vs buyers. Okay, so I would say out of those 54, I would say maybe about… Maybe about 40, 44.

0:13:32.5 GS: 44.

0:13:33.8 AS: Yeah were probably buyers. If I have just like you said, a house a week, I never thought about that. I never really counted, I just work. So when people would ask me, how many sales are you at for the year? I tell them I don’t even know. I’m not checking that, I’m just go get the maximum…

0:13:58.0 GS: Doing business That’s right.

0:13:58.4 AS: Just doing business. Yeah, but yeah, primarily. A lot were buyers. Yeah.

0:14:03.2 GS: Yeah, so that’s an immense amount in your pie chart, and when it said that successful businesses, real estate businesses are done doing leads… Are doing the listing agent or being a listing agent… Excuse me, and doing sellers, that kinda defies that to some degree. Now it’s probably a bit more work and you don’t… May not necessarily immediately get both sides of that transaction, but how many of those… Just off the top of your head of those buyers that you got… How many of them are first-time home buyers?

0:14:45.9 AS: Oh man, the majority. Yeah, so if I say 44, I would say 40.

0:14:52.4 GS: Wow.

0:14:54.2 AS: You know? Yeah, 39. Somewhere in… A high percentage. Definitely.

0:15:00.7 GS: So were you targeting first time home buyers in order to get that was that kind of your niche, or why did you get so many first-time home buyers.

0:15:12.3 AS: And look, this is just like you said, this is how I did it there’s more than one way to skin a cat for sure.

0:15:18.7 GS: Well That’s what I want people to understand. We had somebody come on and they made a good business selling mobile homes, I mean, that was kind of their niche, they drove around with their car and that’s kind of what their specialty was, and they picked up a bunch of business doing that, so… No, that’s what I want people to know. So anyways, yeah. How did you do? So many first timers.

0:15:42.4 AS: So when I came into the business it was, okay, get listings or get buyers work with sellers or work with buyers, and it was a lot of cold calling involved with sellers, I just didn’t have that speel, so I needed to get to the low-hanging fruit, a individual that I used to work with always said, go for the low-hanging fruit and the low-hanging fruit was first time buyers. They’re excited. They’re excited, you’re helping them, they’re not looking for the perfect home, they’re just looking for a solid home.

0:16:18.8 GS: Good point.

0:16:20.6 AS: That’s gonna be their first time investment something they can get their family into a nice neighborhood, and they were pulling the trigger pretty quickly. So at one point, I could get a buyer in a home sometimes within the first day, first three days, first week of showings, we were under contract for what I was doing, working a job, but not really being great on the phone with cold calling, realizing even with the leads that I was getting for listings, it was competition, several realtors were interviewing, I was up against competition, it just wasn’t panning out. And I knew I had to work a little bit harder with buyers, but I was willing to do that because I think my record time of getting a person into a house was 12 hours from pre-approval…

0:17:19.3 AS: Yeah, yeah, like Turn and quick, turn, and quick, man. And then I knew that, and now I’m starting to see that shift, that once I got these people into homes, these buyers, they will refer other people to me, and then eventually they will become sellers as well, and then it wouldn’t be the competition, it would be, “Hey, we’re calling Aziz, we’re ready to sell our house.”

0:17:43.9 GS: That’s awesome. So a couple of questions that people have asked. One is, do you sleep? That was from Bien. She asked that, but you don’t have to answer that if you don’t want to, but this one might be a little bit more of… Some helpful answer here. Nancy says, she knows hundreds of people, she talks all the time to these people, but she just can’t get people to respond. Do you have any advice, on turning a conversation into… Not being obnoxiously, “Hey, could I help you? With selling or buying a home?”

0:18:24.0 AS: Yeah, yeah, so answering the first question, as far as do I sleep… Not a whole lot. Not a whole lot, man. When I was, I had a goal to get into this full-time. So I knew what I had to do. Basically, I have a plan, I had a mission, and I probably slept about four to five hours per day between my regular job and real estate, but I was dedicated. I had something that I needed to do and I needed to do it in a certain amount of time, so I had to do what needed to be done. As far as I believe her name was Nancy, I think you said.

0:19:02.0 GS: Yeah, yeah.

0:19:03.0 AS: Yeah. Yeah, so Nancy. Did she mention if she’s talking to buyers, sellers? She didn’t mention she just said hundreds of people, right?

0:19:10.6 GS: No no she Just talks to people, she’s got a big sphere, talks to them all the time, but isn’t seeing a lot of business convert.

0:19:18.2 AS: Yeah, yeah, I guess if she’s talking with hundreds of people, a big sphere, I’m thinking maybe she’s talking through social media, potentially… She’s talking to them directly… Maybe it’s their motivation level, how motivated are they? Is she seeing that they’re buying with someone else? That’s where kinda the issue comes in. If they are motivated and they’re buying with someone else, then okay, why didn’t they buy necessarily with you, right? So that’s the question. And it would really have to be… There’s so many ways to answer that question ’cause I really…

0:19:57.5 GS: Sure.

0:19:58.7 AS: Don’t know the details, but yeah, I would kinda need to know the…

0:20:05.7 GS: Sure, sure. Sure, sure.

0:20:05.8 AS: A little bit more to answer that.

0:20:07.1 GS: Somebody else… Brenda asked what paid lead company did you use? If you’re willing to share.

0:20:11.5 AS: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So when I was with… When I first started, was the thing. That was the place to go to, They switched their format, I don’t know if in all states, but in ours, they’ve switched it to off city, so it’s not the same platform that it once was. And then, right now Zillow leads is what I use there. I’ve tried some other ones, I haven’t had success with them. I know people have their thoughts about Zillow, right? I’ll probably get some thumbs down, but it works because yes, you are paying for the leads up front, but remember, at the end of the day, those same customers will refer their network to you.

0:21:02.8 GS: Right, right. So you’re not just buying one lead, if you’re working that lead hard, and we’ve mentioned on the show, always be asking, “Do you know somebody? Is there somebody else that I can help? If you think I did a good job, and I’m gonna do the best I can for you, is there somebody else in your circle that I would be able to reach out to?” Those kind of things. So if you’re buying a lead, think, “Maybe I can get a twofer on this one and… ”

0:21:30.8 AS: Yeah, yeah. ‘Cause you’re really looking at… It’s hard to justify the cost of the leads if you’re looking at one individual, or if you’re looking at it per lead. If you’re planning on being in this business for five to 10 years when you don’t have a sphere, you have to create one, right?

0:21:44.5 GS: Right.

0:21:45.6 AS: And that comes with social media, and then that could come in the form of paid leads.

0:21:48.4 GS: Right.

0:21:50.2 AS: Now, I will say this when it comes to paid leads, because people wanna jump right into them, there is, in my opinion, there is a science behind your paid leads. And you should probably get with a mentor that is using them, or you’re gonna end up experimenting with a little bit of your money to try to figure out the methods behind that, which that’s what I actually had to end up doing, ’cause I had no one to teach me.

0:22:18.7 GS: Yeah.

0:22:21.9 AS: But I looked at it as an investment, for sure.

0:22:22.9 GS: I’m gonna try to kinda mash two questions together here, maybe it’s a part one, part two, but how do you… Allison asked, how do you balance working another job and real estate, specifically managing showings and staying on top of your transaction flow? Okay, so that’s one part where you’re kind of wearing two hats, your work hat, and then your real estate hat. The other one would be… That I was thinking of before, when you have that many buyers’ agents, how do you efficiently kinda keep people going? Again, without an assistant, without a transaction coordinator, how do you keep… Manage that many people?

0:23:00.6 AS: Yeah. So I think we can kinda mash those into one question, one answer. I use my phone, the calendar on my phone a lot. Everything goes on the calendar, you have your job, but you try to… Your 9-5 job, you do that efficiently, right? But maybe I’m not doing the overtime ’cause I’m trying to bridge into another career, so instead of working the over time at a job, I’m now taking that time to work on my business, right? So everything goes on a calendar, even if I have to run to the store to get something that goes on a calendar as well. My showings, of course, they all go on calendars, I can see where I can fit people in, I try to learn the schedule of the existing buyers that I’m working with, so I have already in my mind when they’re gonna want to go out. I try to schedule the showings as far out in advance as I can, but when I wasn’t able to do the showings, I always offered to connect them with another realtor because it would be better to get 25%, 30% off of a transaction as a referral fee versus get nothing at all.

0:24:21.9 GS: Right.

0:24:22.0 AS: So, you know…

0:24:23.3 GS: A little hanging fruit again, take what’s in front of you.

0:24:27.5 AS: Yeah.

0:24:27.6 GS: And then, go from there.

0:24:28.8 AS: Do what you can man. Do what you can, with what you have.

0:24:34.1 GS: I don’t know if you wanna get this granular about it, but it might be helpful, especially for people that have never done paid leads. Kayon asked, “Which programs you use through Zillow, and how much do you pay?” If you wanna share, if you don’t wanna share, that’s totally fine.

0:24:46.9 AS: So I don’t know about multiple programs, I don’t know about that. But it can range, it can range. And I tell people to buy what they can afford, right? And this is the other piece that I don’t know if a lot of agents realize is that your leads can be split with the lenders as well, right? So if you have some lenders that are in your referral network and they wanna go on your referral list, and they’re willing to split those leads with you, that’s a way of leveraging.

0:25:25.0 GS: Very good.

0:25:25.1 AS: Leveraging your money.

0:25:25.6 GS: Yeah.

0:25:25.9 AS: So if you put in 500 per week to get a certain amount of leads, if you can get lenders to go in and split that budget up with you, then now you can get double, or triple the leads for that same 500 investment.

0:25:38.9 GS: Very good, very good. Alright. ‘Cause that yep, it’s helping them too. And then easing both of your budgets. So very good. Kinda switching to the mindset question that you started off with, you said that a lot of… From your perspective, at least, a lot of agents are over-thinkers, what do you mean by that, and how do you not be an over-thinker?

0:26:04.1 AS: Yeah. Whether it’d be agents, or just people in general. They have the same study long, study wrong. If you over-think everything, “I’m afraid to go live on social media, I’m afraid to open my page up public so people can see it, I’m afraid to post this, and how will people respond?” You’re gonna paralyse yourself, right?

0:26:31.2 AS: I came across an agent that was scared to actually go on the showing. That was nervous about talking to people. You have to get up. What if I make a mistake? No matter how much we went through the process, role play, whatever, you gotta get over that hump, because you’re actually just getting in your own way of success, and that goes in life and in business. It’s so closely correlated to each other that you’ll paralyse yourself and it will hinder you from reaching your goals.

0:27:08.1 GS: Very good. The walk, crawl, run, it’s just… Some people hit the ground running in business, but most people don’t. It’s a messy start. You make a lot of mistakes. It’s a mess. You do things that bother clients, but then you get through that and you do better. [chuckle] What’s worse is sitting there not doing anything. And so, great advice on that. So just do it, just do it. Put a schedule together if you have to and start reaching out and meeting people. Just curious, what are your goals for the coming years here, just keep doing what you’re doing, or you have plans to expand or… Any thoughts on that? Hopefully, some of those buyers you started with are gonna turn around to be sellers here at some point for you, but just curious if you have any thoughts on that.

0:28:02.6 AS: Yeah, potentially, potentially. That is the hopes to keep those relationships great, providing a great service, so that… Because your name is gonna precede itself, your reputation, so you wanna keep that at the highest standards. So yeah, moving forward, this year is really gonna be based on building the office, ’cause I am a managing broker, District Director, here in a role in our Aurora office. We just brought an agent on, a new agent on today, as well, so that’s good. And we want to keep building the office, keep growing the office, focus more on training the agents that are in the office to get them to doing 10 plus million in volume per year and really producing some agents out of the office that can have some similar success as myself. I was fortunate enough also to reinvest some of the money that I made, so I picked up some properties as well. So I’m gonna be working with those as a passive income, and then we’re launching another project too based around credit repair, so that we can continue to put lines in the water to basically find more buyers. Even though I’m working with Zillow, I still want to attempt to beat them to the clients as well.

0:29:40.8 GS: Alright. Great. Man, that’s exciting, exciting stuff to come. So I’ll ask you one more here, and then there’s a couple of other questions on Facebook and YouTube, we have to wrap up here. Anthony Edington said, “how has the pandemic affected your real estate business? Have you had to re-focus your business at all?” Well, statistically, obviously, the pandemic didn’t hurt you at all [chuckle] From that standpoint, it’s your best year ever was 2020, but did that affect… Did you have to reinvent anything to be able to keep going with that?

0:30:16.4 AS: The pandemic seemed like it hit everyone for about a good two weeks. And then after those two weeks, man it just took off, it took off like wildfire. Now, what has happened as of late is that the market is saturated with buyers and not enough inventory. There was a house that just had 45 offers on it, there are homes that are selling for 50k over price. So it’s just saturated right now, and you gotta find a way… And it’s turning into where we might have to do three times as much work versus when I could get someone in a home within a week, that has turned into more like some 30 to 60 days, and then some individuals have pre-approvals and they’re just kinda sitting on the shelf. So the way that we’re gonna shift that way is bringing in more buyers and then going after sellers because the sellers are the king.

0:31:24.0 GS: Very good, very good. Well, there are some… Aziz, if you want to jump on Facebook or YouTube and answer some of these other questions, obviously you’re welcome to, I know you’re busy guy though. But also people who are watching, they can follow you on Facebook. Should they just search Aziz Shabazz, and there you are?

0:31:44.1 AS: Yeah, absolutely, yeah. You’ll see me there, I got a Fathom logo over my shoulder in the picture. And look, if we’re gonna wrap it up, I just wanna let everyone know that remember that real estate is a contact sport. I always say it’s a contact sport. You have to contact people, you have to talk with people, inbox them, do videos, send them live videos to their inbox. Go on a social medium, go live when you’re out and about, get on the phone with them, because that’s the only way that they’re gonna remember you. When they start thinking about a house, they say, hey, Aziz, I saw a house on Zillow, I wanted you to let me know what was going on with it. So they go there but then they still have the presence of mind to come back to you as the real estate professional.

0:32:39.4 GS: Very good. Well, I appreciate both the explanation and the inspiration behind your success, and we wish you well, we hope you have a really, really good rest of your 2021, and maybe at some point have you back on to share how things are going. But again, follow Aziz, his name’s there. I think there it is on the screen there, and you can check out… He’s not quiet on social media, so you can learn some things probably from that. And I love the unique perspective on how you do real estate, and we thank you for your time.

0:33:18.7 AS: Alright. Thank you, Geoff, for having me, Fathom, shouts out to Beth and Linda, Kim Oford, Shay Spaniel, the entire Illinois team, thank you, thank you for having me.

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